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Be thankful to the RK network for filming all your secret fantasies: that one about the cute blonde with the perky tits that you saw at the video store? Her names's Victoria, and you grabbed her tits and fingered her pussy in the Sept 2003 episode of Street Blowjobs called Pussy Rental. Who doesn't want to bang the perky-titted attendant at the XXX porn shop?! Victoria, and her flat abs and bangin' ass can be seen at

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Pussy Rental

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Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2003

just cruzin the street on the bike. The bike is great because it is so easy to strike up a conversation with a girl. Girls just love bikes..maybe because when they ride one it is like a huge vibrator. Anyways I was cruzin down when I spotted Mia. I love blondes so I did a quick u-turn and gave her the wrap. I get her on the bike and with some bartering she is blowing me next to the shed for the bj of a lifetime!

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