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In 2004, Deidra is modeling for the first time on Reality Kings and those gorgeous breasts are seeing their first light of day! We found Deidra near our boat, and as cliched as it sounds, that's exactly the truth. We struck up a friendship with her, and as it turns out, she got along with us well and wanted to show us her breasts anyway. Well, we told her we would welcome her in the studio any time, and sure enough, the next day, Deidra came along, nervous as anything, but ready to set out in new directions and try new things on her adventures on Captain Stabbin. Her favorite part was clearly the professional make-up! She wore her new facial out afterwards and for sure it was a hit in public!

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Site: Captain Stabbin
Date: Monday, May 31, 2004

We were out Surfing the other day, and we see this Insanely hot chick chillin out, waiting for another set of waves, so I rolled up on her, and asked if shed like to see the ocean from a boat

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