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Kinky Kaitlyn is a sexy redhead that loves having hardcore sex in the sun. She has became a regular on MilfNextDoor where she gets together with some of her milf friends for some oral pleasure and pussy rubbing adventures! Reality Kings has tons of videos and pictures of naught Kaitlyn getting flat out naughty with hot girlfriends and we love to share it with you!

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Picture of Kaitlyn in Milf Next Door video: Batter Up

Batter Up

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Monday, September 18, 2006

Batter Up my ladies because we are taking you to a Baseball Game!! Whats hotter than a tailgate party with some serious sexy tail!! We know how to get loose and root for our team! After a fun filled day at the stadium we went back to our RV to hit a few home runs of our own on Traci!!! We love Beer Boobs and Baseball!!!

Picture of Kaitlyn in Milf Next Door video: Beach Yoga

Beach Yoga

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Monday, February 27, 2006

I was in such a meditative mood I decided to get with my girls and do some yoga by the beach. Chrystina came along with us and since I knew how juicy her pussy was I just had to get her back to Selenas place and use that pussy pump we used a while back. We have decided to name that amazing contraption the instacum pussy pump. The yoga helped us stretch out and get limber. We left the rest of the exercise up to our tongues lips and fingers. Enjoy.

Picture of Kaitlyn in Milf Next Door video: Spike That Ass

Spike That Ass

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Monday, February 6, 2006

What do I consider a great weekend. Hang out with some of my gal pals at the beach tanning and playing some volleyball. After that head over to one of our homes and lick and stick each other into a frenetic frenzy. So yeah thats pretty much what we did. Satin decided to join us because she heard how much fun we were having without her. I hope I can convince her to come along again. Then again the way we made her cum Im sure she is glued by the phone hoping to god I call her again.

Picture of Kaitlyn in Milf Next Door video: Fore Play

Fore Play

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Monday, August 8, 2005

There is something about playing golf that makes us horny. I dont know if its all the golf ball handling or trying to get them into holes. All I know we didnt play for long. Before we knew it we stopped yelling FORE and got into some foreplay.

Picture of Kaitlyn in Milf Next Door video: Lickity Split

Lickity Split

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Monday, July 18, 2005

After a stressful day the girls and i decided to relax and unwind by the pool. A private party with no husbands or kids around to interrupt our moment of bliss. We invited a new friend who was down to get wet and nasty with us. She just got back from the gym and her adrenaline was pumping snatch thumping so she had all the pussy she could eat while getting a nice little something in her ass. We topped it all off with some real good stress relieving orgasms that none of us will forget. We just love having rich husbands who are too busy to even fathom what us girls do when the are not home.

Picture of Kaitlyn in Milf Next Door video: 3s Company

3s Company

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Monday, July 4, 2005

We got an early start for the happy hour crowd to get off work. Kaitlyn hooked the only other hot chic around in record time. After a drink and pool we thought Bridgett would love to be suckered into coming upstairs to see the collection of shoes. The only shoes there were the ones we took off. What a MILF score we got. Bridgett was down for an happy hour like no other.

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