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Alessandra is a gorgeous, brunette, Brazilian teen with a body that is Divine. Born and raised in Brazil, Alessandra debuted in her first adult film on Reality Kings network. Titled, "Sugar Loaves," the movie was a two-part series that starred Alessandra. The movie was filmed in 2004 for the RK site, In the two-part series, Alessandra starred alongside two other girls. It was also the first and only time she did anal in a porn movie.

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Picture of Alessandra in Mike In Brazil video: Sugar Loaves Pt Two

Sugar Loaves Pt Two

Site: Mike In Brazil
Date: Monday, September 27, 2004

This is the continuation of last weeks update. Alessandra was extremely shy and I guess she didnt want her gal pal to know she was a closet freak. Anselmo knew exactly how to bring it out of her with the right balance of niceness, politeness and friskiness. Before she knew it she was begging Anselmo to explode all over her ass and back. He went ballistic and she got the blast up from the ass up.

Picture of Alessandra in Mike In Brazil video: Sugar Loaves Pt One

Sugar Loaves Pt One

Site: Mike In Brazil
Date: Monday, September 20, 2004

Anselmo and Dino finally took me to Sugarloaf mountain after I begged them for about three months. These guys are the laziest bunch of shmucks unless of course there is a fine ass in front of them. Then theyre all about action. We were just up there doing the tourist thing and that got old quick. Luckily we saw Laiza there with her gal pal Alessandra. So the choice was simple. One big ass mountain named Sugarloaf or a set of mountainous asses I named sugarloaves. Im sure you guys will be happy with my choice.

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