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Hardcore MILF goddess Raquel is a petite little stunner with a tasty rack and an even tastier booty. She and her milfy girlfriend got picked up by Hunter for the 2002 MilfHunter feature Garden Hoes, and these women totally sowed some wild oats! The cooter action was poppin and Raquel helped make the elusive pussy sandwich happen, milking that cock until it was ready to burst. Keep your eye on Raquel at the end, because she gets the creamy prize right in the kisser! Check out Raquel today at, part of the Reality Kings network.

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Garden Hoes

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, July 8, 2002

What a splendid mission this was. I was at the store getting some of that shit to kill fire ants when I came across two of the sexiest MILFs I have ever seen. They were looking at some lilies and I mentioned to them how beautiful they were, just like the lilies It's amazing the shit chicks will go for. It took awhile and some of my smoothest BS lines, but I finally got them to the house. What happens next I can not even describe, but I can tell you the ever elusive pussy sandwich was part of the action!

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