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Cindy is one of those chicks who have tits that are so large that she needs a barrel to carry them everywhere! Ok, maybe they aren't that big, but they are big enough to catch the attention of everyone around her! (She says that she catches chicks staring at her tits just as often as guys do!) Her crazy hot body is probably why we signed her for the Euro Sex Parties all the way back in 2006

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Picture of Cindy Dollar in Euro Sex Parties video: Bare Asses

Bare Asses

Site: Euro Sex Parties
Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today I was hanging out with Kristy and her 2 friends. Now I was in need of a place to stay and Kristy was kind enough to ask her friend if I could stay over for the night. Well we end up going over to her friends place and before you knew it I was filming another orgy! Kristy and her 2 girlfriends stared sucking one of the guys cocks and shortly after that one of them was getting banged by the other guy friend. This is an update Im sure you will enjoy, it has a bit of everything, 2 girl blowjobs, anal, DP, the works. here is one for your records!

Picture of Cindy Dollar in Euro Sex Parties video: Three Pairs

Three Pairs

Site: Euro Sex Parties
Date: Thursday, November 12, 2009

For all of you Euro Sex Parties lovers I think we may have a classic on our hands. This girl Cindi is a super freak and she wants to experience a few different guys at the same time. Not 2 but 3! Thats right people she requested 3 different guys to bang her at the same time! WOW! It was all out mayhem! She wanted to do DP while giving a blowjob and every other freaky thing you can possibly imagine! Renato even got her something to drink by sticking his cock on the soda glass and letting her take a suck! This is definitely one for your records! Enjoy!

Picture of Cindy Dollar in Euro Sex Parties video: Cum One Cum All

Cum One Cum All

Site: Euro Sex Parties
Date: Thursday, July 26, 2007

So this week we have a great update for you guys out there. I had this 3 chicks staying with me for a few days. They were willing to meet my needs in order of having a free stay in my home. Theses chick were cock hungry, telling me they want sausage for breakfast. So I called my friend Vito over to feed some to them. Let me tell you, they all got to fucking within minutes of Vito being there. What a lucky fuck.

Picture of Cindy Dollar in Euro Sex Parties video: Non-stop Goo Pop

Non-stop Goo Pop

Site: Euro Sex Parties
Date: Monday, January 23, 2006

Another fucking cold day in Prague leaves us on the hunt for some hot pussy to warm up with. Martin manages to pick up two little hotties that were out shopping. They really liked his tee shirt and wanted to see if they could have it. We decided if they come back to our pad we will give them whatever they want. These sexy ladies got way more than just a tee shirt out of our dirty little bargain.

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