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Agata has beautiful dark hair and huge round ass that any guy would drool over. She also has a pair of nice tits that guys love to squeeze. Her first appearance on the Reality Kings Network was in an episode of in 2005. You can tell that Agata is one sexy porn star that doesn't mind performing hardcore acts in front of the camera. During her episode titled, "Sacapunta," she sucks a huge cock and gets rammed in that nice round ass. You can still check out Agata's incredible XXX video on the Reality Kings Network and on Mike in Brazil.

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Site: Mike In Brazil
Date: Monday, October 24, 2005

Whats up gringos. This week Dino locks lips and sucks tits on a girl called Agata. I think thats her name. So much pussy not enough time to remember who is who. She grinds on him so hard I thought his dick was going to snap off. But us brazilian men are trained from a young age to handle such powerful ass with extreme mastery.

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