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Before the mammoth boob implants, Veronica Rayne was still drop-dead gorgeous. And you can see her first ever film at the RK network! Yep, Veronica Rayne got her start in the Adventure Mates episode for Captain Stabbin in 2005...but you can also see her burn up the screen on 40 Inch Plus, Big Tits Boss, and in more than one episode of CFNM Secret. You know you want to watch her taunt a naked man with her tremendous cleavage, and there's plenty of Veronica to go around at

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Picture of Veronica Rayne in CFNM Secret video: The Hot Spot

The Hot Spot

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Sunday, October 19, 2008

Me and the other girls decided on inviting Tommy over for a little experiment. Brianna the tall blonde beauty queen was the special guest and came up with the idea of making tommy hard by only teasing him, and of course me and Veronica thought that was brilliant. No touching on his behalf, but us three masturbating while sitting on stools was enough. After we teased him, we used him, and as I rode his huge cock Brianna let him lick her pussy over her panties. His cum load landed all over my pussy and the other girls tasted the outcome. This was a successful experiment.. Enjoy..

Picture of Veronica Rayne in CFNM Secret video: Dressed To Impress

Dressed To Impress

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We had another great lunch buffet. Alana was the guest of honor, so we let her get the best of the treats. We had our servant of the day come in, and we loaded him up with fresh fruits and sweets. He had such a huge dick we just could not keep talking about it. Once we got it hard it was time for the fun to begin. The chocolate went on first then the lips. Alana said enough with this, slid her panties over and jump on for a ride. We played with each other and ended with a plate full of sperm covered strawberries.

Picture of Veronica Rayne in CFNM Secret video: Cum Cravers

Cum Cravers

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Monday, September 22, 2008

Holly was having a bit of a problem. She could not understand why her husband never fucked her in the ass. Luckily she came to the right place for a solution. We had the perfect submissive boy toy waiting to obey her every command. After warming up holly by licking her pretty pussy and tight ass we unleashed our boy toy on her. He fulfilled her fantasy and set unattainable standards for the next man.

Picture of Veronica Rayne in CFNM Secret video: Wild Times

Wild Times

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Sunday, September 21, 2008

This week Alana, Nikki and Veronica invite three dudes over to the house. They have set up a wall with 3 holes in it for their cocks to go thru. Nikki is supposed to fuck and suck each cock and then decide which cock she likes best. The three dudes involved have no idea what they are in for. And neither do this update and be blown away.

Picture of Veronica Rayne in Big Tits Boss video: Mandatory Overtime

Mandatory Overtime

Site: Big Tits Boss
Date: Monday, November 12, 2007

I just have not been able to get my boss Veronica out of my mind. She wears these low cut tops that show off her huge tits. I mean mouth watering cleavage. It got to be so distracting that I found myself making mistakes on purpose just for some 1 on 1 time. Sure enough, I get called into her office to get an earful. Who woulda known that I got a mouthful too. After not doing such a good job of explaining myself, Veronica throws herself at me with hopes that it would help my work performance. Man, seeing those huge titties out and tasting her sweet shaved pussy was more than I needed to shape up. Then she got on her knees and sucked my dick til I was about to burst. Then she got on top and we fucked and fucked and fucked. Even got some anal action. If this keeps up, I see myself rising in this company with no probs. Enjoy.

Picture of Veronica Rayne in 40 Inch Plus video: Coming Home To Ass

Coming Home To Ass

Site: 40 Inch Plus
Date: Monday, May 22, 2006

I wanted to surprise my buddy Trent with some ass. He had been complaining about his job and how his girlfriend broke up with him because he didnt make time for her so I decided to cheer him up. He was all gloomy but it didnt last long as soon as he saw Veronica poking her 40 incher all in his face.

Picture of Veronica Rayne in Captain Stabbin video: Adventure Mates

Adventure Mates

Site: Captain Stabbin
Date: Monday, September 12, 2005

We saw chase chillin solo drinkin some coffee so by the time we got there she was ready to do anything She said she was super bored, and wanted to go out on a boat! Well, it was her lucky day, and kinda her unlucky one too wait till u see what we did to her!

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