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Jacky Joy

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Jacky happens to be a size queen; this chick just cannot get enough of huge, gigantic cocks. We first discovered this when she did an episode of In the VIP back in 2006 where she basically tried to keep one of our uncut boys all to herself! Outside of large cocks, Jacky's interests are playing with her friends, hanging out on the beach, and listening to the music of Bedrich Smetana

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Picture of Jacky Joy in Big Tits Boss video: Pumping for Joy

Pumping for Joy

Site: Big Tits Boss
Date: Monday, August 1, 2011

Jacky had her assistant decorate a room for work. She did not like the decorations and was very angry about the way everything came out. Once the assistant got back, she began yelling at him. She told him the decorations were awful and she told him to take notes on how to fix it. He began taking notes as she was explaining what she wanted changed. He was doodling a drawing of her huge tits as she talked. She looked at the picture and screamed for him to pay attention. Finally, she had enough and stuffed his face in her enormous tits. He was paying attention now. She decided to have some fun with him. She teased him with her luscious curves and colossal tits. She revealed a sexy lingerie outfit under her clothing. She slapped his face around with those giant jugs and hopped on his cock. She got her pussy pounded and got man juice all over those huge tits.

Picture of Jacky Joy in In The Vip video: Cameo Creamers

Cameo Creamers

Site: In The Vip
Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It was another blow out night at our favorite party spot in the MIA. The summer heat is in full effect as so are the S. Florida hotties. Josh went out to find some more talent and did not have to go far becuase the ladies were everywhere. He grabbed a couple of hotties, and they were more then happy to come into the VIP. They were hot and ready for some action as they showed off their stuff almost instantly. Serg stepped in the game because thier tits and ass were so welcoming. All the other ladies were showing off and getting off. Josh and Serg brought the ladies back for some in and out action. The girls wanted it the monent they got dressed to go out. These two hot ladies went back and forth and the guys did the in and out. It was a blasting finish as the ladies beg for the money shot to go all over thier titties.

Picture of Jacky Joy in In The Vip video: Pop Lock and Drop It

Pop Lock and Drop It

Site: In The Vip
Date: Tuesday, June 5, 2007

We hit the west coast for a party to that seemed to last for a week. We rolled up with in stretched limo filled with chicks. I mean our ladies were sitting on each other it was so packed. Once we got behind closed doors our ladies got undressed. The DJ was banging the beats as good as the ladies bodies. There was a lot of ass and titties shaking all night. The pussy was popping and nobody wanted it to stop. Josh broguht back a couple of super foxes. These girls want to show off more then the rest. They were hard up for the hard on. They got on each other while Josh was banging them both back and forth. They all got wet and sticky as the sexy night ended with a splash of the best VIP mixer.

Picture of Jacky Joy in First Time Auditions video: Jacky Of All Trades

Jacky Of All Trades

Site: First Time Auditions
Date: Monday, April 10, 2006

Jacky loves it all from licking pussy to sucking cock. She came in ready for anything but our stud had some tricky dick tricks. He had her in positions she never though possible.

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