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Sara is a chick from Brazil who really does a good job of keeping up the reputation of the women who live there! This chick first started off working for the Reality King family back in 2006, and since then she went on to make the greatest episode of Mike in Brazil ever! When we asked what she liked to do when not making awesome porno videos, she told us that she loved to go to sunbath nude at the beach, study 18th Century cartography, and just go out drinking with all of her friends. Sounds like a real party animal!

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Unda Da Bunda

Site: Mike In Brazil
Date: Monday, July 17, 2006

You will all thank me for my genius once you take a gander at Sara. Tony met her at a downtown bar. She was looking for an American to marry her and support her. He called me while she was in the bathroom and told me the whole situation. Right away I told him to set it up and introduce me as a tourist who speaks very little Portuguese in the hopes of finding me a wife from Brazil. I didnt think she would fall for it at first but can you believe she didnt catch my thick accent. She was willing to do whatever I wanted to please me and hopefully get me to fall madly in love with her. I gave her a batch of guy goo for her troubles and sent her on her merry hubby hunting way.

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