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Yolanda is a sexy latina babe that really knows how to put on a show. She is one porn star that isn't afraid to go all out when it comes to performing in front of the camera. This girl has some major blow job skills that you need to see to believe. Yolanda first appeared on Reality Kings during an episode on 8th Street Latinas back in 2007. On that episode, she gives a monster blowjob and gets fucked long and hard. You can still check out Yolanda's update on Reality Kings and on

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Picture of Yolanda in 8th Street Latinas video: Mesera Cabecera

Mesera Cabecera

Site: 8th Street Latinas
Date: Friday, February 2, 2007

I went to get some grub with el gringo loco right on the beach and right when we were about to call it quits and not look for any mamis out comes yolanda from the restaurant. She was our waitress wearing a short jean skirt ass bubble nice and thick. We offered her some cash knowing that she wasnt going to make enough tips for the day and she was down. We took her fine culo back to the crib and drilled her tight pussy. She was moaning and screaming ahy papi mas duro. I think el gringo loco put a ring on this one.

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