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Aisha is a sexy ebony chick that likes having sex on the high seas. She made her first episode on Captain Stabbin, and Aisha has impressed right from the start. She has some XXX interracial lesbian sex before with her female co-star before they take turns on their male co-star's dick. That is freaky. Aisha has brown hair and brown eyes.

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Picture of Aisha in Captain Stabbin video: Boat Beauties

Boat Beauties

Site: Captain Stabbin
Date: Saturday, February 24, 2007

This time, my first mates totally hooked me up with two of the best looking girls I have ever seen. They did a little fishing while I was warming the chicks up. They actually caught something, then I handed over the girls to them, and the boat really started to rock. The best thing about having two girls is that you can swap them at any time, and we did. But the best part, besides the fucking, came when we made the girls jump in the water. It was funny as hell. Check it out.

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