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Paola Rey was in born Brazil,and she grew up in Rio de Jeneiro. A former blonde, but now a brunette, she is a mix of Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Native Amazonian Indian. In 2004, at the age of 23, she traveled to the United States after meeting a man in Rio who promised her a job as a waitress. This was a very appealing prospect because her job as a school teacher of Portuguese literature was emotionally fulfilling but financial unrewarding. After arriving to the United States, there was no job as promised because her so called connection had ulterior sexual motives. Possessing only a couple of hundred dollars to her name, she began dancing. While she enjoyed dancing, she had difficulty with the pole because she only knew how to dance samba. During her brief career as a dancer she met someone who introduced her to the biz, and the rest is history. Paola loves the business, but it's a secret she has to keep from her very religious family. Her career has blossomed with over 50 films, and countless appearances in magazines such as fhm, hustler, club international and annual avn appearances. In performing for major adult internet websites, paola loves bangbros on account of the royal treatment which includes lavish clothes, two make up artists,and a driver. Sexy flat abs are an indication of her joy for working out,but she loves to eat and she likes asian food, but her favorite food is her mom's lasagna. Another favorite of paola's is women. A well groomed woman with a confident personality,nice,skin and teeth is a huge turn on. And she looks for the same in men,but she does not like it when men approach her believing that she will jump into bed with them.her turn ons are exotic shaped eyes,and her turn offs are bad hygiene,ugly hands and feet.she had sex with a hardcore fan once,and every once in a while she likes to go for a naked jog.

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Picture of Paola Rey in 8th Street Latinas video: Amor Caliente

Amor Caliente

Site: 8th Street Latinas
Date: Friday, October 24, 2008

What an Day! Two of the sexiest freaks out there doing what they do best! Have Fun and fuck like wild stallions. Sommer and Paula two Latin goddesses are just what Ramon needed.These girls were just feinging for the cock.Thats when Ramon came in to the rescue.Well just watch.It was a crazy day! EnJoy!

Picture of Paola Rey in 8th Street Latinas video: The Right Fit

The Right Fit

Site: 8th Street Latinas
Date: Friday, May 16, 2008

I believe I told you all about what kind of mood shoes can put women in. They can really make them want to fuck. Take Paola and Shy. They were at a shoe store on 8th Street when Reno rolled through. You know what happened. Bam. Pussy. Thats right. These hotties were in the mood, in the store. Unfortunately, you can not just get down like that, so he took them home. It was a Latin love fest from there. These girls loved each other while loving Renos cock. Reno loved them for liking shoes so much it made them want to bone. He showed them with good old, dirty Reno porn star fucking. Double down style. The titties were bouncing in this one. Shys DDs and Paolas nattys were in full effect as Reno worked their sweet pussies.

Picture of Paola Rey in 8th Street Latinas video: Titty Transaction

Titty Transaction

Site: 8th Street Latinas
Date: Friday, April 25, 2008

When we saw Paola at the ATM we were not thinking of payola, we were thinking of PUSSY! Since it was a rainy day we invited this Brazilian sweety over for some caparinias. She is an incredible example of a woman, with that little tight ass and her sweet, pointed nipples... She has an appetite for sex that is unmatched. Ramon fucked this sexy Latina good, fast and hard. She loved every minute of it and you will too.

Picture of Paola Rey in 8th Street Latinas video: Toca Me

Toca Me

Site: 8th Street Latinas
Date: Friday, April 27, 2007

I love latinas, specially when 2 of them get together. I was with my home boy, looking for something to eat, and we stopped at this place where a really hot friend of mine works, and indeed she was there, with her friend, who happens to be hot as hell too. After the meal, I suggested to go back to my place for dessert, and thank God they said yes. Once at my crib, it took no time for this mamacitas to start getting friendly with each other. I jumped in, and thats when the sexathon started. This chicks got into it pretty serious, and I loved it. We went at it for a long time. They were kissing, pleasing, and helping each other in ways I have not seen. Thats the kind of team work Im talking about.

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