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Picture of Prinzzess in We Live Together video: Munkey Love

Munkey Love

Site: We Live Together
Date: Thursday, May 1, 2008

Molly wants a new pet. Molly gets what she wants and Sahara wants what Molly has. Molly also wants Saharas fine little ass, so you can see how this will work out for everyone. Romeo showed up with a couple of lemurs for the ladies consideration and everyone fell in love with them. Now furry monkeys are super cute and cuddly, but shaved ones, like the ones Molly and Sahara sport are lickable and fuckable. The fuzzy monkeys watched as the ladies got together and introduced their shaved, lippy mammal toes to one another. They had leopard and zebra bullets for the little monkey in the boat and even some dildos in animal print to help the animal in them come out. You have to see these girls asses jiggle as Sahara pile drives Molly.

Picture of Prinzzess in We Live Together video: Open Auditions

Open Auditions

Site: We Live Together
Date: Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ive been receiving lots of emails were girls want to lick and eat my pussy. Emails from that is. So since my name is Molly and my ass is considered to be dipped in gold, I had an audition. Three girls came over and showed off their goods to me. I was only going to pick one and ended up with two... The main attraction was Madison who had huge beautiful tits and could stretch like a slinky. Both pussies tasted great and I hope you enjoy..

Picture of Prinzzess in We Live Together video: Lost In Sahara

Lost In Sahara

Site: We Live Together
Date: Thursday, July 26, 2007

We sure picked a beautiful day to go sandal shopping. In one of the stores that we regularly shop, we found Sahara. This girl happened to be looking for the same thing we were, and she was buying sandals too. We invited her to our place and thats when the Sahara really got hot. This girl took no time to start playing with our tits and licking our clits. She said that she was visiting LA, and by the way she went down on us, she definitely when to town.

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