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Kelly Divine, who also goes by the name Kelly Devine, is a Pennsylvania native with a great body that measures 34D-26-40. Not only does this sexy brunette like tattoos, but she also has her tongue and navel pierced. Kelly Divine started on Reality Kings in 2007 when she starred in an episode of First Time Auditions. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 141 lbs. Kelly Divine has sexy green eyes and long, brown hair that drives men wild.

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Picture of Kelly Divine in Monster Curves video: Fantastic Ass

Fantastic Ass

Site: Monster Curves
Date: Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kelly had just remodeled her home and invited us over to see what she did with the place. We were already familiar with her artistic talents and her painting technique in which she uses her ass and tits to paint the canvas. She decided to display her art work throughout her house and also wanted to give us a quick, mock demonstration of her process. She put on a nice pair of tight, blue hot pants and a super tight tank top. All her curves were busting out of all her clothes and Jessy could not help himself. Soon as we made our way to the bedroom, he whipped out his cock and she used it like a paintbrush, shoving it into her vagina palette and making sure Jessy painted with broad strokes and hard, bold lines. Kelly and her monster curve body is a masterpiece work of art.

Picture of Kelly Divine in Big Tits Boss video: The Dick Director

The Dick Director

Site: Big Tits Boss
Date: Monday, February 13, 2012

Kelly has it made at her job since daddy is the boss. She hangs around watching porn while her assistant takes care of everything. He sneaks in her office and sees what shes up too on the computer. He uses it against her when she storms in to catch him. He promises not to tell on her if she gets in her slutty bikini , gives him a lap dance and hooks him up with some perks. Once she starts grinding on him and feels his massive rod she goes all out. She really goes to town on his cock with some serious deep throat action. You dont want to miss this thick ass and juicy tits bouncing everywhere. Its super hot.

Picture of Kelly Divine in Monster Curves video: Want More

Want More

Site: Monster Curves
Date: Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kelly came over for a massage and some anal fun. Voodoo jumped at the opportunity, grabbed some oil and went to work. He was all over her mega ass, slowly inching his way to her glory hole. Once she was nice and wet, Voodoo pulled out his one eye whistle and made her blow on it and then proceeded to penetrate her tight ass. Kelly loves anal, so Voodoo went in full throttle making her have multiple assgasms.

Picture of Kelly Divine in Monster Curves video: Curves and Cum

Curves and Cum

Site: Monster Curves
Date: Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kelly invited Ramon and Jordan to come over so she can tell them the truth. She has been secretly dating both of them and she was tired of lying to them. She invited them over at the same time so she can explain that she wants them to share her in a threesome. They quickly accepted that it is better to share. They undressed Kelly and displayed her bodacious curves and huge beautiful ass. She happily kneeled down and sucked both of their dicks. Then, she got her pussy pounded with a dick in her mouth. Kelly requested to get banged in her ass and got her asshole drilled bareback as she continued to suck cock. She loved getting fucked from ass to pussy and back to her ass. She got a heaping helping of cock and got buttermilk all over her ass and face.

Picture of Kelly Divine in 40 Inch Plus video: Soapy Ass

Soapy Ass

Site: 40 Inch Plus
Date: Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So im visiting my buddy to see what hes been up to.And the fucking guy presents me with the fattest ass this side of CALi.When i saw this girl i was only thinking of all the possibilities i could do with that enourmous ASS.It was truely a sight to behold.So i did my duty to please that BOOTY...EnJoY

Picture of Kelly Divine in Monster Curves video: Plumpy Tits

Plumpy Tits

Site: Monster Curves
Date: Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kelly and her curvy friend wanted to get frisky and show off everything. They have curves for days. Their big rounds asses and plumpy tits have some extreme movements. Billy stepped in after they licked each other and gpt all wet. He heated up the action as they both tried to swallow his cock. They moved thier curvy bodies all over the places to cum every which way. Billy could not hold back anymore and coated as much of the huge asses as he could before hitting empty.

Picture of Kelly Divine in First Time Auditions video: Touchy Feely

Touchy Feely

Site: First Time Auditions
Date: Monday, August 27, 2007

Kellie showed up for her audition packing plaid panties, plenty of posterior and tons of titties. She brought the whole gang to meet Reno. This shapely young lady turned out to not be as much of a lady as we originally though, once the dick came out. I do not want to give away the goods, but I will say this big tittied teaser took it down to the balls! Then she took a pounding all up in and around the pussy area. This girl has talent for sure.

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