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Leilani Li

Leilani Li is a smoking Asian babe with a cute face and an intense body. After seeing this chick at work, you'll never want to see anything but Asian porn. Leilani Li made her debut on the Reality Kings network in 2007 when she appeared on her first episode of Captain Stabbin. She has brown eyes and sexy, long brown hair. Leilani Li is known for her anal and blowjob porn scenes.

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Picture of Leilani Li in Captain Stabbin video: Butt Bandit

Butt Bandit

Site: Captain Stabbin
Date: Saturday, December 22, 2007

Here we go, off on another excursion in the deep blue sea. Here we have Leilani, a nice and thick little package. I took her out to the docks to see my boat and go for a cruise a long my cock and back up that chunky ass of hers. Man, shes quit the vocal girl, telling me all the right and dirty things to do to her. For the finally, we did her the stabbing way. Leaving her to swim with the fishes.

Picture of Leilani Li in Money Talks video: True Lies

True Lies

Site: Money Talks
Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This week we got naked bowling...but not what you think it gotta see it. Its fucking awesome. Then we got a girl to clean her ass with a toothbrush then turn around and brush her teeth with the same brush. And the grossness doesnt stop there we also gave 2 dudes castor oil and within minutes they were shitting and barfing their lunch. We also offered 2 chicks some money to engulf their body with whip cream and then had two other chicks lick it completely off. The worse thing we did this week...which left me a little sad was when they brazilian waxed a guys balls for 175 dollars. On the raunchier side of our episode this week we had Lachelle call her friend Larin over. We offered her 100 dollars to take a lie detector exam. And started asking her a bunch of sexual questions. We found out she had never done anal before so guess what...yup it was her first time on camera. Lachelle and Larin were already familiar with each other but they had never had a threesome together. Lucky for us they did today. These 2 girls are smoking!!!

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