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As you can tell by her name, Daisy Duxe oves to wear tiny shorts that show off her amazing ass and her outrageous curves.Daisy Duxe and her amazing 34 C tits are definitely one of the highest rated models on As you can see, Daisy Duxe isn't shy about showing it all off, and boy does she have a lot to show! Daisy Duxe is a sexy and mature girl that has beautiful dark hair and gorgeous eyes. You can see more of Daisy Duxe along with thousands of other hot mature MILFs right here on the Reality Kings Network.

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Picture of Daisy Duxe in See My Wife video: A Day With Daisy

A Day With Daisy

Site: See My Wife
Date: Friday, December 26, 2008

Another nice session for you guys one takes place in the office on a saturday while no ones in the there and the other is in the house and his wife gives him a great blowjob that im sure he will be remembering for some time to cum! Enjoy!

Picture of Daisy Duxe in Milf Hunter video: Tour De Pants

Tour De Pants

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, January 21, 2008

This Hunter aka Lance Dickstrong, the all time champion of the Tour De Pants. Deisy was a cycling trainer and once I saw her in biker shorts I all of a sudden became an instant expert. I told her we should go cycling one day and made a date. I rushed out to the sporting goods store and decked myself out so I could at least look like I knew what I was doing. I think I fooled her but what gave it away was the beer cans in place of the water bottles. We stopped while cycling in the park and I made my way to the bushes. I made believe I was taking a leak but in actuality I just wanted her to come and play with me inside the bushes. She caught on quick and all the charm I had been laying on thick paid off. After a little scare with one of the perverted, eavesdropping park rangers, we decided to take it back to my place where she showed me how well she can grip a handle bar. She sucked on me hard and fast and then jumped right on my cock.

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