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Justice Jade is a sexy ebony porn babe from California. Her birthday is April 3, 1985. Justice Jade started with Reality Kings in 2008 when she made her cameo on Round and Brown. She has black hair and brown eyes. Justice Jade has a sexy body measures 34A-36-24. At 5 feet 0 inches tall and 99 lbs, Justice Jade has got some serious curves that are perfect for porn.

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Picture of Justice Jade in Round and Brown video: A Bunch Of Booty

A Bunch Of Booty

Site: Round and Brown
Date: Friday, July 25, 2008

Justice and Candice went to get the car fixed at the mechanic. The mechanic took a look at the car and told them it was going to be very expensive. They could not afford it, so they wanted to get a big discount using their big beautiful booties. First, they got naked and started shaking those huge asses all over the place. The mechanic needed to see more for a good discount. Then, they started kissing and rubbing each other. They offered him a touch and he did not hesitate to squeeze and rub their luscious asses. They negotiated a free repair for some hot sucking and fucking. They were excited to take turns sucking his cock and balls. Then, they took turns riding that dick. They both got their thick asses banged real good. Getting a hook up on a car repair is simple when you got a bunch of booty.

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