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Our girl Cinthia Santos has the crazy eyes for sex, and she is gunning for basically anyone with a cock! She first showed up at the Reality Kings network back in 2008, and since then she has really set the world on fire. If you haven't seen the work that she did for Mike in Brazil, you are really missing out as this chick is the QUEEN at giving blow jobs!

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Picture of Cinthia Santos in Mike In Brazil video: Curves Of Lust

Curves Of Lust

Site: Mike In Brazil
Date: Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cindy was excited to meet my friend Loupan. After I really talked him up all she could talk about was finally meeting him. I set up a day and went to pick her up at her place. She showed me a bunch of dresses and I picked the one I thought would get Loupan the most excited. Soon as she walked out to the backyard of my house Loupan thought he was dreaming because she looked so damn sexy. Her nice round ass and near perfect tits not only woke Loupan from his afternoon nap but also brought his cock to life like some Brazilian Frankenstein phallus. She jumped on his monster cock and started sucking immediately. I dont know about all those online dating sites but I do know here in Brazil when two people really dig each other there is no stopping them from banging.

Picture of Cinthia Santos in Mike In Brazil video: Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing

Site: Mike In Brazil
Date: Sunday, December 21, 2008

We were just off the coast of Brazil on my friends sailboat have a blast with Cindy. She was so friendly we could not resist. We had to bring her along with her big tits. She had one thing on her mind and we found out as soon as she grabbed a banana. We went to the top deck and oiled her down. Her bikini came off with the quickness. She had a real tight wet pussy that almost made me blow my load real quick. After a while she stuck her finger in her ass which told me what to do next. I fucked her ass and then blew my load in her mouth. She loved it so much, she swallowed every little bit.

Picture of Cinthia Santos in Saturday Night Latinas video: Weekend Highlight

Weekend Highlight

Site: Saturday Night Latinas
Date: Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cinthia broke up with her boyfriend and it was time for Tony to get her. We took Cinthia back to our place and she revealed to us that she was not wearing any panties. That fat trout was juicy and ripe for the picking. She had a luscious, round ass that was looking beautiful as she played with her asshole. Then, she jumped on the bed and spread her legs as Tony stuck his face in that juicy pussy and munched it up. Then, she stuffed his cock in her mouth for some awesome deep throat. As she sucked that cock, I was staring at her fat twat and amazing ass. Then, she pulled out her spectacular tits that were so perky and juicy. Then, she hopped on that cock and made the bed rumble as she rode out. She got her fat pussy banged and cream all over her sexy backside.

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