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Fallon is possibly one of the most self-actualized chicks to ever be featured on Reality Kings. This chick, when she signed up back in 2008, told us "I just want one thing; sex, lots of it." Who ever met someone with that much self-honesty before? You can watch her fuck her brains out in the MILF Hunter episode that she did.

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Picture of Felicia Fallon in Milf Hunter video: Pool Side Lovin

Pool Side Lovin

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, December 29, 2008

The Hunter is enjoying a beautiful day out by the beach. Kicking back and sipping on a cold drink. Along come this Blond Hottie, so Hunter makes his move and invites her to sit with him. She happens to be divorced and on vacation from up North. He lays on the sweet talk, and within minutes she back at his place ready to get Fucked, Pool Side.

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