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Cali is a big girl hottie who really knows how to suck cock, and can't get enough of riding rock-hard dick. She once told us when she first joined our site back in 2008 "All I want is to have good sex, you know?" And since then she has really lived by those goals, making some of the best sex videos to ever be featured on Reality Kings, including a video for Big Naturals that is so hot that your balls will explode! So...uh...make sure you talk to a doctor before watching it.

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Picture of Cali Couture in Big Naturals video: Deep In Kali

Deep In Kali

Site: Big Naturals
Date: Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kali and her friend were all dressed up in some sexy lingerie wondering what to do. Ramon gets a call to cum over. He walks into a great surprise. Two big sets of tits were all ready to bounce around. The girls started a pillow fight because on wanted to suck the cock first and did not want to share. After the pillow popped the ass and tits popped followed by Ramon popping his load.

Picture of Cali Couture in Big Naturals video: Lost In Bust

Lost In Bust

Site: Big Naturals
Date: Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ramon had told me about this karate instructor of his with a huge rack. So we go down to the gym to check it out. Cali sure did have a huge set of natural round tits that kept falling out of her karate uniform as her and Ramon were tumbling around the mat. She left to go shower afterwards. That is when Ramon decided to follow her into the bathroom to sneak a peak. He was found out and instead of being kicked out, was asked to join. Great shower sex action. Titty fucking and sucking along with some dick sucking and everyone was having a good time. The one on one continued on the mat as we saw Cali and her big ass tits jump up and down as she moaned in ecstacy. Great shoot. Enjoy.

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