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We think that Taylor might be an alien from Mars or something, because this chick so so hot, that she can't be of this world. If she really was from Mars or something, that would explain a why the CIA agents are always following us around, and how she seems to possess inhuman sex skills. You can weigh the evidence in yourself by watching the 2009 episode she did of In the VIP

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Picture of Taylor Vixen in We Live Together video: Vivacious Vixen

Vivacious Vixen

Site: We Live Together
Date: Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tayllor recently moved to a new high rise loft. She invited Sammie and Malena over for what was supposed to be a quick tour. After admiring the view, Sammie started jumping on the bed and acting extremely wild. Malena and Tayllor attempted to calm her down but Sammie had consumed a few energy drinks. The girls resorted to pining down Sammie and undressing her. They tagged teamed her pretty pussy and ass. Sammie simultaneously experienced an ass and pussy orgasm which made her feel serene.

Picture of Taylor Vixen in We Live Together video: Lust and Heels

Lust and Heels

Site: We Live Together
Date: Friday, June 17, 2011

Sammie and her beautiful friends stayed on location to gossip for a few minutes after finishing a lingerie photo shoot. Sammie eventually noticed that they were all alone, the photographer and his crew went home for the day. The girls were thinking of leaving but Sammie had other plans. She seduced one of the girls and soon after, an extremely sensual orgy ensued.

Picture of Taylor Vixen in We Live Together video: Sex In Satin

Sex In Satin

Site: We Live Together
Date: Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gracie celebrated her birthday with Sammie, Taylor and Breanne. The girls had on sexy lingerie and a special gift for Gracie. After blowing out the candles, Gracie was ready for her surprise. Sammie and the girls took their time licking and teasing Gracie before taking her into the bedroom. When Gracie was nice and wet, Sammie gave her the gift. It was a double sided dildo and it was immediately put to use.

Picture of Taylor Vixen in We Live Together video: Good Benefits

Good Benefits

Site: We Live Together
Date: Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sammie, Kirsten and Tayllor had plans to spend the afternoon at the beach but unfortunately the bad weather prevented them from doing so. The girls had no choice but to stay indoors. Kristen and Sammie were especially disappointed because they wanted to see the beautiful melons that Tayllor was packing underneath her shirt. Tayllor noticed that the girls were drooling over her huge tits, so she unleashed them and an all out orgy ensued.

Picture of Taylor Vixen in We Live Together video: Fruit No Cocktail

Fruit No Cocktail

Site: We Live Together
Date: Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nikkis at home getting some treats ready for the Girls. Shes got all type of Tropical Fruits lined up for some tasty fun. Once Sammie and Taylor arrive, they get a sample of whats in store for them. Then they make an exit towards the bedroom, to sample each other and enjoy eating that forbidden fruit we all love.

Picture of Taylor Vixen in Big Naturals video: Private Touch

Private Touch

Site: Big Naturals
Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This super hottie with big titties is SUPER MONEY. She was so excited to be on BIGnaturals her panties were soaked. The camera really turns her on and her smile is almost as big as her double D tits. It didnt take her long to get loosened up and oiled down. Tayllor was so horny she started rubbing her pussy standing up and finished sitting down.

Picture of Taylor Vixen in We Live Together video: Celebration Time

Celebration Time

Site: We Live Together
Date: Thursday, January 1, 2009

Its New Years eve and before all the festivities begin the girls decide to have a little pre party of there own. They had 2 glasses a bottle of champagne and some sexy choclate to get in the mood. And into the mood they got before you knew it they had the dildos out and the ladies were giving each other the nice treatment to ring in the new year! By the end all the fireworks went off figuratively and literally speaking. Enjoy!

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