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Kimberly is a sexy porn star that broke into porn with Reality Kings in 2009. She made her first appearance on the website, Hot Bush. Kimberly has brown hair, brown eyes and fantastic tits. She has very popular Reality Kings scenes in the lesbian and threesome genres.

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Picture of Kimberly in Hot Bush video: Puffy Panties

Puffy Panties

Site: Hot Bush
Date: Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kimberly and I were by the pool baking in the sun, when we started playing with our natural bushes. We ended up calling Talon so we could have a cock to share. He got there in a heart beat and we fucked and sucked him till he burst. My huge tits on his face while he fucked kimberly from the back. Things got to hot and we let him cream all over our bushes.. Enjoy..

Picture of Kimberly in Hot Bush video: Bearded Clam

Bearded Clam

Site: Hot Bush
Date: Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kimberly was having doubts about her bush so she made an appointment with Danny the wax guy. After seeing her perfect muff he convinced her that waxing it off was not ideal. Kimberly was completely turned on by dannys affinity with hairy clams so she took him inside and gave him the best piece of ass and pussy anyone could ever wish for.

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