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Picture of Misty Stone in Round and Brown video: Body Talking

Body Talking

Site: Round and Brown
Date: Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh My! WOW! What an update! Misty and her friend went to the mall and came back to try on some of the stuff they purchased in the house when VooDoo stopped by to pay them a visit and have a little fun! The girls were already having a some fun before VooDoo showed up but once he arrived thats when all the real action took place! Once inside VooDoo got a 2girl blowjob which was amazing I might add and then he banged the both of them silly and they loved every minute of it. Definitely one for your records, Enjoy!

Picture of Misty Stone in Round and Brown video: Roller Girl

Roller Girl

Site: Round and Brown
Date: Friday, March 20, 2009

What a day to roller blade.I was with the lovely Missty and she was looking extremely sexy.It was a nice day and this girl had the hotpants with the nice little ass.The hot sun was getting us pretty hot and we decided to take the show to my pad.When we got there it was instant action.We got straight to the point.In retrospect foreplay is overrated.

Picture of Misty Stone in Round and Brown video: Ass Heaven

Ass Heaven

Site: Round and Brown
Date: Friday, September 21, 2007

This is the double team I have been waiting to meet. Leila and Misty. Huge round and brown juicy asses for us to drool all over... I just love it when we have the chance to get into some fantastic ass worshipping. Busted out the baby oil for some good times. Bubble butts you would kill for is what I am talking about. After we had our fun outside, it was time to get down with the get down. Sabastian came thru with the tree trunk cock for these dick thirsty girls. They sucked on it like it had the antidote in it. Then the fucking was the cherry on top as both these big ass chicks got fucked properly. Enjoy this one.

Picture of Misty Stone in Vip Crew video: Raunchy Ranch

Raunchy Ranch

Site: Vip Crew
Date: Sunday, April 15, 2007

YEEEE HAAA Howdy yall. It is a dang good ol party at the el raunchy ranch. Our cowgirls were roped in from all over the place to give the cowboys a rooting tooting good ol time. They were topless in no time when the big guns came out blazing. This party covered all aspects of a wild west orgy. Some of our ladies want to ride the bull and some wanted to ride the cowboy. Any way you look at it, the fun was overwhelming.

Picture of Misty Stone in Extreme Asses video: Dubble Bubble

Dubble Bubble

Site: Extreme Asses
Date: Thursday, March 22, 2007

These dubble bubbles are possibly the hottest babes ive got to film in the last year... what a day this was. First i thought i was only goin to get misty to cum over, and then she brought her girl trissa over, i knew it was goin to be an awseome night. You cant pass up on this.

Picture of Misty Stone in Round and Brown video: Double Bubble Booty

Double Bubble Booty

Site: Round and Brown
Date: Monday, August 28, 2006

Misty and Kaleah sittin in my lawn. With their hot ass bikini suits on. I could stare at these two till dawn. I shoot my lil film and take my lil pix. But when we took the party inside... I dropped my shit and gave em dick. Let me stop cuz i cant write for shit. This shoot was amazin and these 2 were a perfect tag team. They fucked up my boy Reno...but he held his own for a while.

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