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Janet Mason is a sexy MILF porn star from California. Her birthday is April 8, 1967. Janet Mason made her first episode for Reality Kings in 2009 for the website, CFNM Secret. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighs 117 lbs and has a hot body that measures 32DD-23-34. Janet Mason has red hair and blue eyes.

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Picture of Janet Mason in Moms Bang Teens video: Teaching Alex

Teaching Alex

Site: Moms Bang Teens
Date: Monday, December 15, 2014

Tony was playing games with his little sexy redheaded girlfriend, Alex, but she wasn't very excited about it. She brought her concerns to her step mom Janet, who got hot and bothered when she heard the news. Janet told Alex that she'd help her learn how to take control of her man. When Tony arrived, Janet made sure she started things off right. She had him up against the wall and speechless while she stroked his dick. Janet wanted him to know who was in control and what game they were going to play. Alex had just gotten her first lesson, which was guys were weak when it came to hot, sexy, redheads in control. They moved over into the next room for some deeper learning. Tony kept his head high and ready for some student-teacher relations. Janet overlooked some things, as the young couple sucked and fucked. But Janet wasn't going to just supervise, as she bent over to take some hard studying of her own. They all put the moves on each other, as the threesome sex-ed lesson headed in the right direction. These two sexy females finished their lesson off with some of Tony's extra credit cum all over their pretty faces.

Picture of Janet Mason in Milf Hunter video: Sexy Back In Black

Sexy Back In Black

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, September 1, 2014

We spotted Janet across the parking lot. She was dressed to kill, but that wasn't going to intimidate us. We actually had to hunt this MILF down. She was on the move, but we finally caught up with her at a restaurant. Levi moved in solo and came to find out Janet had the perfect life. She could have fun and play away from the husband and kids if she just got permission. Levi worked his charm, and she was all for it. Janet got the green light from her hubby and gave us what we wanted. As soon as the phone was put down, she started stripping. Her see-through leotard showed off her body nicely. Janet was in shape for her age and knew how to work Levi's cock inside her wet pussy. She was a hot midday firecracker and a great hunt.

Picture of Janet Mason in CFNM Secret video: Ahead Of The Class

Ahead Of The Class

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Saturday, August 29, 2009

Janet is a teaching her friends a little course in oral sex today. They start off by picking up some vegetables to simulate some good ol cock. After she shows the girls some techniques, she brings in her assistant. The girls go crazy when they see his giant dick and each take turns practicing on him. These girls go at it til the become real cock sucking pros.

Picture of Janet Mason in Big Tits Boss video: Shes The Boss

Shes The Boss

Site: Big Tits Boss
Date: Monday, July 20, 2009

Today my boss asked me to come in for a promotion review. Janet had in mind that I would qualify if my dick was big enough. I had to make sure I fucked her to the best of my ability. She has huge fucking tits, and an ass that requires lots of attention. I ate her pussy and fucked her all over her paperwork on her desk. I got the job and gave her a facial she will never forget.. Enjoy..

Picture of Janet Mason in CFNM Secret video: Hands On

Hands On

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Saturday, June 13, 2009

Devon,Janet, and Holly are having some drinks and discussing how terrible men are. Holly just recently broke up and has not gotten any action in a while. Devon and Janet have a little surprise for their sexually depraved friend. They got three naked studs with paper bags of over their heads for Holly to do whatever she pleases. Watch as Holly dives right in to this buffet of cock along with her girlfriends.

Picture of Janet Mason in CFNM Secret video: Ten Titties

Ten Titties

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Saturday, May 16, 2009

While taking their aerobics class, the girls keep getting creeped out by the one guy in the class checking them out. The girls are disgusted by his remarks when they bend over to stretch. The instructor has finally had enough and lets him have it. All the girls start screaming and picking on him eventually tearing off his clothes. This loser gets a lesson in manners he will never forget as all the girls take what they want.

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