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Diamond Foxxx is a hot MILF porn star from Texas. Her birthday is January 5, 1973. Diamond Foxxx made her first episode for Reality Kings in 2009 for the website, Big Tits Boss. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs 103 lbs and has a curvy body that measures 32G-24-36. Diamond Foxxx has blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Picture of Diamond Foxx in Moms Bang Teens video: Lessons In Love

Lessons In Love

Site: Moms Bang Teens
Date: Monday, February 11, 2013

With the Father gone on business for a couple of days, the step mommy could finally get to play with her step son. She was so excited after all the times she caught him spying on her, she could show him everything with out any chance of the husband finding out. She was ironing some stuff and looking irresistible when Xander came in to tell her about his day. When she found out about his interviews and new her chance of getting him naked was right then. She undressed him while saying that his clothes needed to be ironed. She started jerking him off and kissing him before he could get passed the initial shock of being naked in front of her. One thing lead to another and Xander was fucking her doggie style. That is when Abby came in because he totally forgot she was coming over. Step Mom Foxx took control and calmed her down. Abby was intrigued as much as she was upset. Xander got a 3 some most of us dream about. He fucked them both as they tongue teased each other. They bent over together and he took turns filling them up from behind. After some good old fucking they both got on their knees to finish him off the best way a girl can.

Picture of Diamond Foxx in CFNM Secret video: Taking Turns

Taking Turns

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today Tanya and her friend went to the laundromat to wash some clothes. In the process they happen to see 2 guys who they think are kinda cute so they go over beside them. They realized they didnt have any change and had to go and get some, when they happened to look over and notice that they guys who they were next too were sniffing there panties! They got really upset and went to confront the guys about the situation. The guys tried to lie but one of the girls pulled a panty from out of his pocket. The guys didnt want the ladies to call the cops so they offered to do anything. The girls wanted to humiliate them so they made them get but naked. Shortly after that they made the guys bang them all while controlling them like there boytoys! Enjoy!

Picture of Diamond Foxx in Big Tits Boss video: The Breast Stroke

The Breast Stroke

Site: Big Tits Boss
Date: Monday, September 28, 2009

I help out Diamond Foxxx with her water exercises, and today while we were doing our final stretch my cock popped out of my shorts. I thought she was going to freak, but she actually asked me to stretch out her lower muscles. I immediately pounced on her huge tits, and sucking on big tits that tasted better with every lick. I fucked her all over her pool, and when she asked me to penetrate her tight ass, I could not resist... Enjoy...

Picture of Diamond Foxx in CFNM Secret video: Ten Titties

Ten Titties

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Saturday, May 16, 2009

While taking their aerobics class, the girls keep getting creeped out by the one guy in the class checking them out. The girls are disgusted by his remarks when they bend over to stretch. The instructor has finally had enough and lets him have it. All the girls start screaming and picking on him eventually tearing off his clothes. This loser gets a lesson in manners he will never forget as all the girls take what they want.

Picture of Diamond Foxx in Milf Hunter video: Arse Deco

Arse Deco

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, September 20, 2004

If you are new to hunting MILF's or even bored house wives, and there is an art festival in your downtown area, you must go. It is like picking peas out of the pod. The ladies will be there. All you have to do is pick one and start talking. Sometimes you might have to buy something. If you talk a good game Like Sean does, you will not need to buy nothing. Well maybe a cab ride for her to get back to where she came. Amy was all about the big hard glass shapes which made it real easy for us to get her back to the crib. Her tight ass was ready for some good old fashion pounding. She loved sucking cock which made her super horny and wet. We didn't have to do much with Amy. She left her house that day looking for some excitement. We just got to her before anyone else.

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