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Carmen Dias is a hot Brazilian MILF porn star. She started with Reality Kings in 2009 when she made her debut on Saturday Night Latinas. Carmen Dias has red hair and brown eyes. Her most popular episodes among RK members include outside and anal scenes.

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Picture of Carmen Dias in Mike In Brazil video: Bootyful Carmen

Bootyful Carmen

Site: Mike In Brazil
Date: Sunday, August 23, 2009

Carmen came by to convince Jay Brown to be her boyfriend. It seems she really didnt get along with Loupan and wanted to make him jealous so she put the moves on Jay Brown. It didnt take long for Jay to succumb to her enchantments and it also didnt hurt that we called Loupan without her knowing and made sure he was cool with Jay fucking his ex. At the end of the day all my friends believe in the motto x girl to the next girl. We never put pussy before friendship. I wonder how well Carmen is going to take the news when she finds out her little gambit to make Loupan jealous backfired on her. As horny as she it I dont think she is going to care anyway. Jay Brown got to suck on her nice big tits and fuck her in her great big ass. Im not sure who got over on who but what I do know is you guys are the ones who are the real winners. You get to see her get her rocks off.

Picture of Carmen Dias in Saturday Night Latinas video: Booty Nights

Booty Nights

Site: Saturday Night Latinas
Date: Sunday, July 26, 2009

Carmen and I went out with Loupan to a bar she knew of. Come to find out she knew the owner of the bar and set it up so that she could get her hands on Loupan. As soon as the bar closed the jumped on his cock and sucked and fucked it dry. I was wondering why she was stalling and making sure we didnt leave the bar the whole night. She was waiting the customers out so she could take full advantage of Loupan. I dont think he minds. Once you see her great big tits and a nice big ass to match I think you will all agree.

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