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Brunna Bulovar is a sweet, girl-next-door girl who happens to be one of the hottest Latina chicks in the game. She has been a part of the Reality King cabal since 2009, and has loved every moment of it. This brunette with the killer brown eyes is probably best known for the work that she has done for the Mike in Brazil series of videos, where she rocked a cock so hard that fire came out!

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Picture of Brunna Bulovar in Mike In Brazil video: Curvy Brunna

Curvy Brunna

Site: Mike In Brazil
Date: Sunday, September 20, 2009

We saw Brunna sunbathing and I dared JB to go put a quarter inbetween her butt cheeks. He is so fucking crazy he actually did it. And thank god he did. It kind of broke the ice and once we apologized and she knew we were just playing around she really relaxed and opened up. We went back to my pool and she gave JB every bit of her bodacious body. Big tits. Big ass and a nice tight pussy. Not to mention her masterful blowjob performance.

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