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Katie St. Ives

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Dark green eyes and long brown hair, Katie St. Ives is stunningly beautiful with luscious 34C-25-34 measurements. She loves to get fucked hard and fast on camera. She loves to keep her sexy body in shape and is always willing to get down and dirty anywhere. See her episodes on Pure18, InTheVip, and Hot Bush, where this sexy brunette gets fucked hard, only to want more on the Reality Kings Network!

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Picture of Katie St. Ives in Moms Bang Teens video: Lustful Eyes

Lustful Eyes

Site: Moms Bang Teens
Date: Monday, January 21, 2013

Katie was hanging out with her boyfriend in the kitchen of her step moms house. Her boyfriend kept grabbing her juicy round ass and she kept telling him to stop because her step mom was upstairs in her bedroom. Her boyfriend persuaded her to let him fuck and he drilled her pussy from behind. While they were fucking, her step mom, Kendra, walked into the kitchen and caught them. She made Katies boyfriend sit down and began playing with his cock while Katie was watching. She began sucking his cock and playing with his balls. Then, her step mom grabbed Katie and began undressing her while kissing her. Katies step mom had Katie lick her pussy and ass in front of her boyfriend. Kendra got her pussy pounded while she munched on Katies pussy. They took turns getting their pussies pounded and he glazed his man juice all over Katies mouth.

Picture of Katie St. Ives in In The Vip video: Grind Squad

Grind Squad

Site: In The Vip
Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our ladies got out of school just in time to hit the club. They did not even change. They needed some extra credit. These sexy school girls are hard workers. They love to learn, but some of them are pretty smart already. They teach the other girls techniques that only comes from experience. Some learned the ways of taking the whole cock down their throat while others took finger banging lessons. Lexii was in the advanced class, so she took a huge cock in every position. She showed the others what it took to get good grades. Lexii and her slim body with perfect tits got a very close view of what is to cum in the future lessons. If the other girls expect to get ahead in class, they should follow Lexii.

Picture of Katie St. Ives in Hot Bush video: Cum Cushion

Cum Cushion

Site: Hot Bush
Date: Sunday, April 11, 2010

Katie has to be the hottest and best girlfriend a man could ask for. She surprised her boyfriend by setting up a sex swing in the middle of the living room. When her boyfriend got home he noticed the real surprise.... Her hot bush. She grew it out just for him. He dove head first into her sweet hairy pussy and made sure he licked, sucked and tasted all her juices. He let off a load on her HOT BUSH and she was satisfied.

Picture of Katie St. Ives in Pure 18 video: Nude Newby

Nude Newby

Site: Pure 18
Date: Saturday, December 19, 2009

I was practicing some new notes on the bass the other night when this girl just walks in like she owned the place. She scared me so bad. I about jumped out of my skin. She made up this crazy story about a bet with home work and my cock. I told her if I showed my cock she had to suck and fuck it. Once she saw my cock she was good to go. She had the nicest plump ass a girl could have. The rest of her curves could only belong to a young eighteen year old. I did things to her that will change her sex life forever.

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