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Brazilian Roberta Carioca is a proud owner of her big round ass and natural tits. Her ass is so amazing in that its so round and big, it just doesn't correspond with the rest of her sexy body. She loves to do the vertical samba on some big hard cock on camera. See some of her sexy moves in bed when she jumps on a very large cock on MikeInBrazil, titled "Tight Curves", part of the world famous Reality Kings Network!

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Tight Curves

Site: Mike In Brazil
Date: Sunday, December 20, 2009

My friend Loupan got beat up and asked me if I can help him find a good martial arts instructor to teach him how to fight. I knew Roberta knew a couple of things here and there but she was no instructor. At the end of the day I knew all he really needed was to get laid and he would feel better. Roberta came in and made believe she was a martial artist. She whooped on him for a few minutes and as soon as he started getting sore she made him feel better with a little loving.

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