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Curvaceous, luscious, tasty, and full of pent up sexual energy! Meet seductive Kelly Sluffer, one hot piece of tail. She's got short blonde hair, dark eyes, a nice rack, a round butt, and curves in all the right places. This blonde babe loves to get her bald snatch nice and moist. She's young and has got one of those tight nubile bodies that can get into any sexual position with ease. Watch her get into some of the sexist positions on her hot StreetBlowJobs episode titled "So Sexy", part of the famous Reality Kings Network!

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Picture of Kelly Sluffer in Money Talks video: Backroom Bangin

Backroom Bangin

Site: Money Talks
Date: Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another week of Money talks has arrived. This time around Havoc is looking for a couple willing to take some squirt lessons. We find a few who are willing to come back with us to our classroom and get their squirt on for some dough. Mortis is back for another extreme record attempt. This time we pay this guy to jump into a trash can full of ice. We come to find that his shriveled member has actually broken an extreme record for smallest penis. Up next we find these two hotties and pay them to make a peanut butter sandwich with a penis. For the main event our crew is hanging out at a local bar. This couple is here for a drink and we pay the girl to show us her tits. Her man wants some cash to so we make him drink down some nasty shit. There is no shortage of tits in this bar. Another lil honey comes in and gets paid for her jug as well. We got plenty of cash for whoever walks in. This one guy is willing to get paid for a beer bath as well. We want to see some real action. So when this blonde walks in to the bar we bring out the real wad. We have this babe show us her tits and reveal her pussy for the green. She seems to like our friend the sexy bartender so we come up with the bright idea of offering all the cash we go to see these two gorgeous girls get it on. We hit the back of the bar for some privacy and this is where the real fun begins.

Picture of Kelly Sluffer in Street Blowjobs video: So Sexy

So Sexy

Site: Street Blowjobs
Date: Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today I was on the bus stop when I happened to see Kellye washing her car looking like she needed some help while in the process. So I walked up to her and started making some small talk when I came to find out she was from Australia. Her accent was awesome to me. From there I couldnt help but try to see if we could possibly hang out. It didnt take much to make that happen and before you knew it we were back at my hotel room I was getting a blowjob to remember! Enjoy!

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