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Picture of Jamie Valentine in Big Tits Boss video: Boss Jamie

Boss Jamie

Site: Big Tits Boss
Date: Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jamie Valentine is waiting on her maintenance man. He is running late and she is growing inpatient. Once Van finally gets there, she tries to calm the situation by being funny, instead of being professional. Jamie does not take kindly to that and sets him in his place and puts him to work. Van finishes the job and come inside to let her know. That's when she notices the massive boner on him. She asks what's that hiding in his pant. He shows her. Jamie grabs it and starts blowing him off. This is one sexy, fine, Boss. Big pair of tits and a great big as too. Then proceed to fuck on the couch, doggy style. Later Van nutts all over her pretty face and tits. Job well done Van.

Picture of Jamie Valentine in Money Talks video: Preps and Pussy

Preps and Pussy

Site: Money Talks
Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If you have never done yoga naked you should. This week on moneytalks Havoc pays a few girls to come back to the gym and do some naked yoga. Next we are on the streets looking for someone to jerkoff our porn stud with a robo dutch rudder. We pay this one girl to come back to our van and jerk our boy off with our robo hands. Our crew is feeling naughty inside a clothing store for the main event. We have plenty of cash and have all kinds of titties popping all over the store. This one dude comes in and gets a nasty wedgy but of course we break him off a bit of green. Whitney walks in with her cute Georgia accent and has Jmac drooling like a lil school boy. It is hard to keep this animal controlled so we have to bring out the cash quickly. This lil Georgia peach is gorgeous. Jmac is fucking stoked and he makes sure he gives this beautiful babe the lovin she deserves.

Picture of Jamie Valentine in Milf Hunter video: Reverse Oral

Reverse Oral

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, January 10, 2011

Toni decided to stay at my house a couple of days to help me with my messed up leg. I came home from therapy and realized I had been locked out of my house. I checked where I usually stash my spare key and remembered I had given to her temporarily. Ash and I went around back to see if one of the backdoors were unlocked and lo and behold, Toni was making out with my ex. Ash and I watched like the pervs we always are and eventually knocked and embarrassed them. They invited us in and I had a two for one MILF special. Big tits, big ass, tight pussies. Who needs therapy when you have those...

Picture of Jamie Valentine in Milf Hunter video: Double Dose

Double Dose

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, November 22, 2010

My ex girlfriend, Jamie, called me up and asked me to help her with a friend named Allyson who was having problems with her soon to be ex husband. It seems he hit her and she needed a place to stay to let things boil over and to allow time for the restraining order to take effect. I told her Allyson can stay in my guest bedroom for a few days. Kindness paid off in spades because she was more then willing to show me how grateful she was the following morning when Jamie and her were out in the back tanning. Ash came over and I decided to make my move. I rubbed her ass with baby oil and Jamie also got her going with some jaw dropping lesbo action. We made our way to the guest room and really got busy. She wanted to record the whole experience and send it to her estranged husband to really send him a message and let him know there was absolutely no chance at a reconciliation. Eat your heart out you wife beater... whoever you are

Picture of Jamie Valentine in Big Tits Boss video: Birthday Boss

Birthday Boss

Site: Big Tits Boss
Date: Monday, October 25, 2010

Jamie heard it was her employee, Jmacs birthday. She told him to come over and bring the annual reports. Once he came over, she went to the kitchen, undressed in her sexy birthday suit, and brought him a cake. Her big jugs were looking succulent, especially after he rubbed icing all around her nipples and licked it off. She slobbed down his cock, before she hopped on that dick and rode out. She got her pussy drilled and got man juice all over her pretty face and tits.

Picture of Jamie Valentine in In The Vip video: Swagbunxious


Site: In The Vip
Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What an ass shaking good time we had. There were big smiles, asses, and tits all night. Jmac got his groove going again on the dance floor. Jamie was in cock paradise as she moaned and creamed in front of everybody. She was more then happy to take a mouth full of sperm. I do not think she had eaten until Jmac fed her. She gobbled it up like it was icing on a cake. There were a couple of other girls that started on each other, but they decided they needed a cock in them. It definitely was a fucking party.

Picture of Jamie Valentine in Money Talks video: Al La Carte

Al La Carte

Site: Money Talks
Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This week on moneytalks Havoc is on Venice beach and she is looking for someone to flash for cash. We find pay this one hottie to flash her tits to anyone that gives her change. Next up we find pay these guys to swap a crab in each others mouths. Next up we are trying to set another record. We round up a bunch of ladies and pay them to see how many tongues we can get on Jack Napiers cock. For the main event our crew is in a Cuban restaurant eating lunch when they over hear this one couple talking about their eviction. Our crew is here to save the day. We pay the guy to eat some hot sauce. What we really want is his girl thou. How hurting for cash are these two really. They are desperate for money so we pay this girl to show us her tits and rub them on our host twins as well. Finally we bring out the big wad. They can pay rent and more. We pay this couple and Jmac fucks the shit out of the girl as her boyfriend watches.

Picture of Jamie Valentine in 8th Street Latinas video: Lets Sexercise

Lets Sexercise

Site: 8th Street Latinas
Date: Friday, October 1, 2010

When Rich told me to meet him at the park, I had no idea that he was training a sexy columbian girl with big tits. He had her running up and down the park steps, it was amazing seeing her melons bounce. After a few more eye popping exercises, we took her back to my place. Rich fucked her all over my back yard. Although i was behind the cam, i got to feel up her beautiful tits.

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