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Picture of Monique Carvalho in Mike In Brazil video: Wet and Juicy

Wet and Juicy

Site: Mike In Brazil
Date: Sunday, June 16, 2013

I caught up with Moniique at our little hide away spot. She was rinsing off in the shower. Her ass was looking so nice and delicious. It seemed she was happy to see me because she started to play with herself as I got closer. She gave a sexy tease dance in the shower for the camera, then I realized why she was showing off. Roge was there stiff as a tree, so she knew she was about to get fucked. She was all turned on and ready to get wild. Roge stepped into the shower, and it wasn't to get clean. He wanted to get down and dirty. Moniique was ready and willing. She stuck her big ass in the air, as she bent over to suck on his man shaft. They eventually got out of the shower, and I oiled up her ass. She really knew how to move her ass around, as she bounced it on Roge's cock. We might as well have stayed in the shower because a little rain storm came through and kept us wet. It probably helped lube up her ass, as Roge slid in after he pounded her pussy nice and good. She wasn't happy until she got a face full of cum, which Roge had no problem delivering.

Picture of Monique Carvalho in Mike In Brazil video: Crossfit Coochie

Crossfit Coochie

Site: Mike In Brazil
Date: Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hey Gringos! Today we bring you Moniique. A great little friend of mine and a training freak! Moniique was all into the crossfit craze so I thought I would meet up with her. She promised to train if I could show her some fun. So I call Loupan and take her up on the offer. Of course I bring my trusty camera and give you the best Brazil has to offer!

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