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Picture of Sierra Banxxx in Round and Brown video: Big Booty Crew

Big Booty Crew

Site: Round and Brown
Date: Friday, July 13, 2012

I was fortunate enough to walk in on Sierra and Imani while they were getting dressed for a party. The girls showed me how they were going to booty shake all over the dance floor. I was immediately memorized by the round and brown butts. After all the ass-worshiping, I called Ramon over but he was too busy working out. Imani and Sierra weren't having it so they interrupted Ramon's workout by grinding on his cock while he attempted to use the shoulder press machine. After getting Ramon's undivided attention, Sierra and Imani worked out his cock all over the gym by sucking, stroking, riding and milking it.

Picture of Sierra Banxxx in Round and Brown video: Somethin About Sierra

Somethin About Sierra

Site: Round and Brown
Date: Friday, June 22, 2012

Sierra invited me over to critique a choreographed dance routine that she has been practicing for a music video. When i walked into her place I was surprised to see a stripper pole and Sierra already sliding up and down the pole. She was sensual and graceful in her every move, I was memorized. Sierra pop, dropped and bounced her magnificent ass with ease. My buddy oiled up her booty and after a few smacks he went H.A.M. in the pussy. He fucked her from numerous angles, then he blasted her ass and back with his dick mayo.

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