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Picture of Gina Devine in Mikes Apartment video: Sex Ride

Sex Ride

Site: Mikes Apartment
Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Giina just arrived from the Czech Republic and needs a place to stay. She's shown the perfect place in the heart of the city, but the rent is a little too steep for her to pay at this time. With a gorgeous body, perfect ass, and knowing what men want Giina quickly comes up with an alternate payment plan. It doesn't take long before she has a dick in her mouth and payment begins. Giina gives it all she's got, payment is happily received along with a creamy load all over her body.

Picture of Gina Devine in Euro Sex Parties video: Brazen Booties

Brazen Booties

Site: Euro Sex Parties
Date: Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gina and her friend Bella came over the boys house today to have a few drinks. But little did they know it was about to get freaky in a drop of a dime. With his tongue. He went directly to her juicy pussy and the girls were suddenly horny. It was group sex taken to the next level and we were in for quite the ride!

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