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Picture of Bebe Leflour in 8th Street Latinas video: Booty By Leflour

Booty By Leflour

Site: 8th Street Latinas
Date: Friday, September 28, 2012

Toni makes a bet with the local coffee barista, Bebe, on the outcome of a soccer match. The match is Spain against Colombia. Toni being from Spain and Bebe from Colombia, this bet needs a hefty wager. Toni wins and Bebe agrees to flash some random person for five seconds. Bebe goes through with it and upon seeing her beautiful pussy Toni cant stop himself from kissing and rubbing up against her. They make their way to Tonis apartment and Bebe shows shes ready to bet more than a little flash. Tonis fingers and tongue find their way to Bebes pleasure center, after which she finds the need for a cock in her mouth. Toni fucks her like hes an all star soccer player. Both find their goals, but Bebe proclaims Colombia won today.

Picture of Bebe Leflour in Money Talks video: Money Makers

Money Makers

Site: Money Talks
Date: Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Please step into the magic bus for the one and only Pussy Rave experience on this weeks episode of money talks. Check out our 2 ladies really work their glow sticks. Then we hit the streets to test out our Confetti Cannon! Finally Jmac and Izzy go shopping for a pool table where they are able to work a deal and work Lily for everything she has to offer. check it out!

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